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Experts in Home Elevators 


We believe in keeping things simple & aim to be a good collaborative partner, supplier. Our Products are user friendly, reliable & compatible with updated techniques. Safety & security is always on our priority while working for elevators as well as car parking systems.


We provide high quality results in satisfied customers and collaborative partners. For us, quality means products that last and function reliably year in, year out.


A culture and a mentality that is never frightened to promote  innovative ideas and visualize things from a different perspective all in order to keep it simpler & more efficient.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Business Introduction

Diamond Elevators have built solid reputation for customer service
workmanship & on-time delivery. Our Expertise are in Implementation of Micro processed components compatible with latest technology.

* Home Elevators

* Passenger Lifts

* Escalators

* Car Parking Systems








Our professionalism & experience ensures the systems are competently repaired or
refurnished to the highest standards ensuring reliable service.
We represent the digital elevator industry, wherein you will find all the spare parts
with reduced mobility, gates and automatic barriers. Most modern equipment’s are
propelled by electric motors, with the aid of a counterweight, through a system of
cables and sheaves (pulleys).
Our Parking Systems adheres to highest safety & International Quality standards,
with a fully trained team, to execute all types of assignments in detailed manner.

Premium Home Elevators

Provides tailor made lift solutions for clients – private use which is based on modular concept that has minimul structural impact. 

Passenger Elevators

Diamond Elevators deals with the best manufacturers in the industry , utilizing modern techniques with micro technology based components that match our clients requirements and a secure travel.

Hospital elevator

A System for modern hospitals with Safety, Reliability and Smooth Travel.

Construction / Goods Lift

Reliable and Durable Systems ensuring safety on Construction sites, Industrial houses etc.

Car Parking Systems

* Simple Stack Parking

*  Puzzle Parking

*  Tower Parking

*  Pit Parking

* Turn the Table Parking


We work for the mentioned categories in Hydraulic & Robotics Systems.

Car Lifts

Essential for easy movement of cars in Residential & Commercial Buildings.

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